GoldServe is a boutique QHSE and logistics consultancy and supplier of niche products and consumables into the Oil, Gas, Manufacturing and Construction sectors primarily. GoldServe is a trading name of Goldleaf Holdings Limited, a company incorporated in 2005 in Kampala, Uganda. GoldServe was born out of the need to deliver world class products & services with a local touch.

GoldServe seeks to improve efficiencies at operational level by delivering critical consumables through mutually agreed end to end processes. At GoldServe, we are keen to ensure that service operators remain focused on their core operations and deadlines so as to deliver to the satisfaction of their clients.

Over the years we have built competence in the delivery of services and products in the East African region. Our key staff have been trained internationally and worked for some of the leading Global firms and thus bring world class standards and approaches to GoldServe.

As a company founded by Africans, we are committed to the development of Africa while keen to engage with international firms with similar ethical inclinations as far as compliance to local & national regulations are concerned. Ours is a vision of Africa that excels through entrepreneurship and global best practice standards.

GoldServe places great importance on QHSE matters. We promote a safety first culture that focusses on simplicity of safety related issues. Our policy seeks to:
- Prevent Accidents
- Promote Safe workplaces for our staff and contractors
- Follow international standards

To deliver demand driven world class products and solutions to clients while presenting development opportunities to local people.

To be a globally recognised African company that delivers with excellence.

We aspire to share the African entrepreneurial story through our operations and promote the Africa we seek to see through;
- Honesty
- Excellence
- Innovation
- Accountability

Our Services


GoldServe is keen on ensuring that businesses embrace best practice in the areas of HSE compliance. Our approach is premised on culture change. As such, we work with organisations to ensure that they understand the merits of adequate HSE practices and their compliance obligations. GoldServe also works with organisations to deliver continuous improvement in their processes. Some of the areas in which we have consulting expertise include;

QHSE Policy formulation, QHSE gap analyses and audits, Risk Assessments and Audits


GoldServe provides QHSE training to both corporate entities and individuals. Our training is currently delivered in class-room-style setting at client premises. We will soon provide online training courses. Our courses cover different levels in an organisation spanning from strategic to operational staff:

QHSE for Directors, First-Aid at work, Managing safely, ToT, Hazard awareness, Accountability for safety, Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, PPE, Asset Integrity, COSHH, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Mechanical Lifting, HAZMAT, Health and Hygiene

QHSE Supplies


GoldServe is committed to service excellence, safety and quality as core fundamentals. To this end, we have partnered with globally renowned companies to supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Eastern Africa. Think of any PPE and GoldServe will have it.


GoldServe, through partnerships with global manufacturers of safety equipment does supply a vast of industrial safety equipment including but not limited to:

Dragline Mats, Certified slings & shackles, Safety Signage, Spill containment

Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting (SC&LC)


Through the use of profiling and benchmarking, our focus is to assist you to:

- Establish your freight and warehousing needs;
- Determine the service type suited for your needs;
- Source suitable vendors;
- Negotiate strenuous contracts;
- Determine the fleet requirements for your operations


At GoldServe SC & LC, we seek to identify process gaps through the use of business process mapping methods. We use recognised tools and provide optimum results. The tools are just a portion of our advantage; the vast experience of our consultants in various industries including the global oil and gas supply chain will provide you with solutions that are tailored to your supply chain needs. In today's volatile and increasingly competitive business environment, companies need less of a supply chain and more of a supply network.

Industrial & General Supplies


Through our network of approved manufacturers, we supply a range of chemicals that meet global HSE standards. We mainly supply drilling fluids such as Sodium formate HCOO-Na+ to the upstream Oil and Gas industry.

We also supply some Agro chemicals like Potassium Chloride and others like Soda ash, Caustic soda and Lime for specific industrial use.


We take pride in our extensive knowledge in handling all of your difficult inquiries by doing the hunting for you. You no longer need to waste countless time searching for those hard to find fasteners, tools or miscellaneous parts. A simple phone call or email with the product description is enough for us. We have relationships with several manufacturers and distributors from all over the world. Our mission is simple: If it is made, we will find it.

GoldServe does follow national regulations on importation, handling and storage before delivery to clients.

Local Content CommitmentXXX

GoldServe is committed to ensuring that our operations and those of our international partners comply with local or national content regulations. It�s our mission to foster development of the local communities in which we operate and create the environment conducive for adequate skills transfer. As a company 100% owned and managed by nationals, we are open to engaging with potential international firms as partners on local or regional projects.